FIFA World Cup

FIFA World Cup is every four years, returning tournament between national teams affiliated to FIFA. Usually held in June.
The World Cup Soccer 2022 is held in Qatar in the winter from November 21 to December 18 2022 because in Qatar it is way too hot in the summer.
A total of 32 countries are participating in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

In the World Cup pool is played as one tournament.

EURO 2018 played sub-pools

played sub-pools (min. 2 members)
click on a sub-pool to list participants
sub-pool manager participant
2AllStars MyPoule ChallengeMem15
3Best Pals KUykaddoura30
5De Kameradenlkrabbenborg13
7mix poule1koning1008
8N.M.C. GatheringRick-O-Matic8810
10P&M Express BV Tilburgknarf1811
12Rocks N Rivers WK PoolMartijn Jacobs10
13SNL BTTim Jacobs45
15TVF-WK Poule 2018tijnes4
16Van Peperzeel BVCoenraad13
17WK Pouleparty!Van Bimsbergen56

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